This Is Us!


My name is Chad and the beautiful woman by my side is my wife Vera. After meeting and bonding over a fire on a beach one beautiful fall evening almost 5 years ago, we have been inseparable ever since. We’ve also made a habit of remaining outdoors camping, hiking, and exploring our beautiful world alongside each other.


Having both completed our higher education in the health and sciences; Vera with her degree in Psychology and working primarily in the mental health/disability field and my self as a Registered Nurse working 7 years on an Orthopaedic ward at the local hospital, You can say we’re passionate about helping people. It should come as no surprise then that Vera and I have spent our entire time together evolving and bettering our understanding of health and wellness.


Through our combined experiences we had come to the realization that at our core, the greatest mark we could leave on this world is to help people achieve a higher level of wellness they had not previously realized was possible. 

Regardless of the fact that our methods come with full scientific support and research, we had discovered on our own the strategies and tips that have changed our lives and how we treat our health and wellness; and the best one is something everyone can have access to.

Whether we were heading out for a weekend getaway, camping on a remote island to refresh our minds and spirits, or just hitting a local trail with our abundantly energetic puppy Ruby, we found that spending more time outside in nature drastically improved our quality of life. This is why we bought our 7 acre slice of heaven and started The Clark Wellness.

Our mission is to ensure you are feeling much more relaxed and stress free leaving here than when you came in. Throughout the seasons we find unique ways of incorporating nature into our therapies. In the summers we offer FST sessions in our bug proof gazebo where you can be submerged in the surrounding sounds of wildlife and water. In the winters we incorporate a room full of oxygen producing, high vibrational frequency producing plants and %100 organic aromatherapy.