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Where Have We Been?!


Hey guys! We’re back from a couple wild months of heavy soul searching and reconnecting with our selves while finding what truly matters most to us! We got married, crossed a few countries off our “to visit” list, and we discussed a lot about how we felt regarding The Clark Wellness…


We knew that what we were doing just didn’t satisfy our passions, and our model of working physically to help people with health needed to change. Not that were stopping our FST/PT services but that we’d prefer to direct our focus more on lifestyle and to one of our most favourite pastimes, cooking!


Ironically, when we sat down to discuss why we were stuck in the mud with the motivation and direction of the company we both apprehensively shared that, FST/PT just wasn’t setting our souls on fire.


And as it turned out, neither of us wanted to hurt one anothers' feelings so we were kind of keeping this info to our selves for a little while now; funny what a little honesty and communication brings out. We shared a good laugh and a big sigh of relief proving once again just how great having an openness to discuss what’s on our minds leads to solid communication and problem solving.


What Has Changed In Us? 


Recently Vera reinvested herself with her long time passion of photography (check her stunning work @veraclarkphoto), and has rediscovered the spark that gets her out of bed in the morning with a drive and determination like I’ve never seen in her before. I have to admit, it’s quite motivating watching her immerse herself deeply within a passion that has long been under-utilized.


V’s main goal is to shoot weddings, well, more specifically backcountry elopements, but sadly these kind of sweet gigs don’t just pop up early in a young photographers career. **Hint hint to anyone looking for an absolute gem of a photographer for a wedding- get her while she still has her modest rookie prices- don’t say I haven’t warned you guys, cause this lady’s a goin’ places!


The wonderful trade off? I get full usage of her insane skills to shoot and capture my delicious works of art to help support and deliver my new food channel coming soon! Cooking is a deep, longstanding passion of mine that I never figured I would ever be able to share with the world.


Being that its something I do almost ever day, creating flavour packed, uniquely plant-based meals that blend both nutritionally diverse practicality with mouth-watering, satiating dishes. The things we’ve been asked the most since converting to a plant-based diet has been;


What do you eat and is it tough to make all plant based foods”?


Where do you get your protein and how do you get adequate nutrients like B12, iron, vit K, etc.”?


And our absolute favourite question; “Can you please share your recipes with me, that looks and smells amazing”!


Our goal is to show how easy it is to make and create delicious plant-based meals that are fast and not overly complicated to make. Along the way we plan to be able to deliver a great deal of information regarding the extensive diversity of minerals and vitamins a plant-based diet provides while eliminating certain stigmas and misinformation that a plant-based diet has.


What Else Can You Expect To Get From The Clark Wellness?


We are excited to announce what we think to be one of our most helpful guidance tools through a unique coaching platform that aims to help clients identify harmful and toxic items to the body and the environment that are used daily, be it household products or personal hygiene products.


In a world that is becoming more and more aware of ones needs to work on and maintain healthier lifestyle practices, one thing V and I continue to notice is how people have a tendency to count their calories, but nobody seems to be counting the chemicals in their food and household products.


Even though some may take the time to read an ingredient list, not very many people know exactly what they’re reading in the first place, nor do they really know what sorts of things to avoid and look out for.


We want to work together with people who are ready to take health seriously and move towards a holistic life of wellness. We aim to show how some simple self direction and knowledge of holistic natural products can make transitions easy and effortlessly.


What Do We think to be the best part of all this?


Increasing knowledge and awareness of health and wellness is at the root of what we believe in. We hope to show how it's not hard to make small changes that can impact a larger picture.


Which part do I think matters the most?


The fact that I’m sharing in, and doing this, with my soulmate, my twin flame, my wife, and my love.


**cue cheesy romantic music…vegan cheese though.


Hang Loose 🤙



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