Dust & chemicals in your home may increase obesity

A recent study collected and looked at dust from 194 households and analyzed the chemicals found in the dust. They also tested them for their ability to promote fat cell development in a cell model. What they found is that even at very low concentrations, these dust particles were able to promote fat cell development.

Their findings also revealed that of the 100+ chemicals tested, about 75% of them had a significant relationship in a development of fat cells, with the remainder being a precursor for fat cell development. 

In addition, several chemicals were found to be high in concentration in the dust of homes of those who had children who were overweight/obese. These chemicals are commonly found in your household products (laundry detergents, surface cleaners, cosmetics and even paint). Chemicals such as phthalates, flame retardants, stain repellents, and plasticizers were just some found in the dust.

These toxic chemicals, which are often leftover on surfaces we have cleaned like our counters, mirrors, tables, floors, etc. get trapped in dust mites. These hormone disrupting chemicals have been shown to cause and increase obesity in those who are exposed to these endocrine-disrupting chemicals, and even less so is needed for children who are exposed to it.

These studies are ultimately a reminder to try and opt for more nontoxic cleaning products whenever possible, especially if you are someone who has children, pets, have environmental allergies, or are just health conscious.

If you are wanting to make a more conscious effort to eliminate these toxins from your household:

-Dust more frequently. Dusting more often will provide less of a breeding group for these chemicals to accumulate in, especially wet dusting (a damp paper towel/small towel rather than dry dusting which just moves the dust around)

-Switch your cleaners to a more natural alternative. A brand we have grown to love and trust is Young Living. their cleaning products are free of:

-sodium laureth sulphate
-synthetic perfumes
-optical brighteners

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